139DEC is a menswear & womenswear clothing brand launched out of St Petersburg by Aleksandr Karamyshev and Marina Kononova. Two principles of aesthetics perception, the view of a man and a woman, have merged in a subtle approach to the form. The key features of the brand are: the search for forms, experience in processing and study of textures.

Creation as an experiment, a test conducted to give birth to a new product. Smooth lines glide gains meaningful logic in a form by covering the body with the fabric. Technical fashion and textile design, unpredictable methods and forms – all this makes a hybrid new silhouette from a piece of fabric.

Key studies are leather goods, evaporating of leather with oils and various compositions. Leather processed this way seems to be full of moisture and this effect lasts forever.
Experiments in dyeing, linen, cotton and silk accompanied by leather and viscose create effect of different textures, blending into a monochromatic palette, providing easy perception of rough and fine materials. Denim processed with a special composition and subsequently heated to extreme temperatures, creates effect of steel plates and provides the products with a coarse but a straight-line look as if an architectural construction made of real steel.

139 fit elements are formed during the process of a product creation. The range from minimalistic forms made from a single piece of leather to the most complex structures. The 139dec logo is a seal evoking associations with a certified invention, and no way subject to change. Together with Inna Minelli, the creative project has been researching the impact of fabric on the environment and subsequently the perception of an image by creating different dynamics and complexity of structures.
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