David's Road

    David Gevorkov was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 1978 but made a name for himself in Moscow, creating haute couture collections and being highly admired in high society and celebrity circles. David currently works out of Paris where he is the creative director of fashion house David's Road, creating garments that are inspired by contemporary culture and the freedom of the city, its streets and people. Each detail, line, color, shape and shadow has particular meaning.

    Fashion experts define DAVID’S ROAD as post-grunge or tramp-chic. As a designer he’s not eager to follow fashion trends or rules, he tends to create his own aesthetic and the type of clothes that he pleased to wear it himself. In his collections designer connects the eastern layering with western conciseness, urban comfort wear and strict luxury of the classic silhouette, apparent aggressiveness and pacifist beliefs. Perfect hybrid of Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture.

    “The thing that truly interests me is to play with my own imagination. A game in which there are no rules, no prejudice or boring decency. I’m obsessed with the idea that imagination allows to describe itself, tell the story, to tell it’s own fears and desires. All I want is to stay in my own imagination. The place where you’re vulnerable and honest, where the voice of your blood is not drowned by the voice of your mind, where your heart is resigned and without any hindrance, simply honest. Where your thirst controls your actions. I know the difference between appetite and hunger. You can't quench the hunger. I’m not creating to simply surprise or to shock. I’m creating worlds in which my imagination is the main character and also the backdrop to the action. In those worlds I can mix and match colours, textures, characters, cultures. And I’m right, simply because I like it.” - David