OXS Rubber Soul

RBRSL (Rubber Soul). Created and crafted in Italy, the name is more than just a combination of letters; a name must be a sound that successfully evokes the essence of the person or thing it describes. Hence the name RUBBER SOUL: just two words that encapsulate the true essence of a project. Rubber is the core component out of which the shoes are developed, yet it is not a standalone substance that is simply fitted together with the remaining parts. On the contrary, it is a fluid material that fuses with the leather until it creates an indistinguishable whole, becoming greater than the sum of its parts: the soul. But soul also refers to the tireless commitment and dedication of the workers that manually spread that same liquid rubber in order to make it solidify little by little until it becomes a shell. And lastly, soul is the desire to unite the various elements to create an object capable of reaching beyond the here and now in space and time, because every step that allows man to move beyond a frontier is a step towards the future.
OXS | Hand painted leather sneakers, White OXS | Hand painted leather sneakers, White