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VAVA Eyewear

VAVA is an Italian eyewear brand, creating sustainable exclusive eyewear that invites you to participate in a forward-thinking movement. The spirit of VAVA is derived from today’s post-industrial society and the growing belief of belonging to a post-human age. VAVA is inspired by minimalism and Bauhaus movement, admiring artists such as Sol Lewitt, Malevich or Josef Albers. As if part of a minimalistic imaginary where aesthetics is the result of gender removal. The unisex philosophy is naturally affiliated to the DNA of the brand. Unisex is one of the ways to the future. In a time of cultural transformation, VAVA envisions a future that is ageless, genderless and raceless. Addressing the demand for fast-paced changes to a centuries-old paradigm requires more than simply discussing matters. It is imperative to become part of the change as we are already living in the future. In times of anxiety about our ecosystems, VAVA designs for a conscious future, a world of high-tech solutions that leverages all the possibilities of technology to make zero waste and environmental consciousness possible. A post-industrial world of techno-craftsmanship is waiting for you.
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