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69 By Isaac Sellam

Known for his high-end creations and the exceptional qualities of the skins he transforms, the desire to open his universe to the greatest number of people gave birth to Isaac Sellam’s new brand “69 by Isaac Sellam”. Designer and creator for more than 20 years at the eponymous brand, he has decided to make us live a new experience.

“69” is first of all the year of birth of Isaac Sellam, 1969 as a wink to the most famous Serge Gainsbourg whose talent and audacity he admired. “69” is also the refusal of its iconoclast creator to take himself seriously, creating a copy of himself with a certain lucidity.

“69” has become the emblematic number that immediately inscribes the integrity of the project in the name of this new brand. “69” is the reflection of his own creative universe, an affordable alternative in terms of price and style to the main brand, “Isaac Sellam Experience”, “69 by Isaac Sellam” intends to offer the same level of creativity, personality and quality.

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