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Mad Et Len

MAD et LEN is a small, independent French perfume house, founded in 2007 by Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut. The duo wanted a breakaway from their paris office jobs and set out on a quest to create something tangible and meaningful. They moved to the south of France, to the small village of St. Julien du Verdon, close to Grasse, the centre of the french artisanal perfume industry. MAD et LEN offers a range of scented products from surprising perfume constellations to scented lava rocks and crystals to scented candles. All scents are created by hand from all natural ingredients.

The aroma is infused in the perfumes and candles from aged essential oils and spices, all done in house. Unlike most other manufacturers, they do not dilute their essential oils and all their products have a striking, yet balanced intensity. The candles are all hand poured from vegetal wax into black iron vessels, created by hand by artisan blacksmiths and burned black. MAD et LEN is deliberately anti-luxury and shy from regular consumerism. All products are made to order and requires much patience for each and every ingredient to be properly matured and refined.
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