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Enri Mars

Enri Mars is an artisanal jewelry brand that creates unique and distinctive designed jewelry worn by those who thinks and acts independently and differently from others. Each product is crafted by hand from premium raw materials and posses a made in Italy design and taste.

Enri's jewelry reflects his personal time travel concept. A past that renews itself while looking at the future and a gesture that leaves a mark, imprints and tarnishes experiences and shapes in a personal and unique way.

Intrigued by the thought of KINTSUGI, where imperfections are not defects but narrative elements and characteristic signs of the history of an object or a person that enrich the object and the person himself, in harmony with the concept of WABI-SABI, that is the exaltation of the imperfect, impermanent beauty of unconventional things linked to the passage of time.
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