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Opera Prima Perfume



The meeting between Marc and Madame in the heart of the 'Le Marais' district in Paris gave birth in 2017 to this fragrant path. Their almost carnal and profound understanding has turned into fragrant and precious thoughts. 

For Marc, creating perfumes was an inevitable destiny, a flash of lightning, a completion of a stylistic journey. 

For Madame wise and skilled nose it was a kidnapping, getting lost and amazed in Marc, and day after day, she gave him her ancient knowledge. The world represented by Opera Prima Parfum is autobiographical, its processing and preparation is slow, in a stream of steam, with a long maceration. The ancient way of perfume was wanted by Marc right away. the glass worked in the furnaces of Murano in Venice and the essences in the historic workshops of Grasse in France. Marc & Madame's work on essences is transformed into stories where you can recognise not only the schedules but their soul.

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