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Orimono is meant to exist as an antipode to commercial fashion, showcasing garments which are to be treated and viewed as unique pieces, all with a story of its own to tell. There is always more than what meets the eye at first sight. Instead of viewing fashion as only products, we invite to look beyond and to engage in the journey and the expression of every designer to be able to understand and appreciate their aesthetic and craftsmanship.


By choosing to stock designers who deliberately stays away from commercial mainstream, Orimono functions as a playground for individuals to find and develop their personal taste and preferences.


We are always searching for labels that work with our philosophy, this is where we have our focus. Today, we are stocking several different established brands as well as upcoming, emerging talents from all over the world.


We always strive to have an ongoing and interesting dialogue with our customers. To share our passion with our customers by having a stimulating and effective dialogue are essential to us. To offer deep and personal service and helping your interest and passion to grow is something we really cherish and appreciate.