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Isaac Sellam Experience

Isaac Sellam has built his own universe with his eponymous label Isaac Sellam Experience. As a child, Isaac dreamt of working with leather and at age 16, he designed and hand-sew hist first leather jacket in his parents kitchen. He spent the next 15 years studying, experimenting with techniques and dyeing until he felt ready to launch his label in 2002. Hosted in an old Parisian factory, Isaac transformed his studio into a research laboratory dedicated to leather innovation. 

Isaac Sellam's signature style features metal clips and contrasting seams used decoratively and as assembly techniques. Clips decorate sleeves or form a futuristic "spine" on back panels, while exposed seams create a surgical aesthetic. By stripping away distractions, Isaac Sellam spotlights each garment's structure for maximum impact.

Over the last 22 years, Isaac Sellam has built an unmistakable leatherwear brand from his childhood passion. His technical mastery and relentless innovation produce leather pieces with inimitable style for avant-garde dressers worldwide.

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